The subway in a few words

The subway in a few words

The New York subway system spans the entire city. No matter where you want to go, a subway line headed that way.

  • Metrocards can be purchased at a ticket booth or from automated machines at stations. Small machines are for purchases made with credit or debit cards only. If you live outside the US, use 99999 as the zip code.
  • You can buy Metrocards pay-per-ride, weekly or monthly cards with unlimited rides. There is an extra $1 fee the first time before loading the card with money or time. So make sure you don’t miss it.
  • The subway fare is $2.75 per person each way with free transfer between the subway and city buses.
  • If you plan to use the subway at least 12 times, the Weekly Unlimited Rides Metrocard will save you money no matter how many days you stay in New York. Each Metrocard is individual and can only be passed through the machine once every 18 minutes, unless you are transferring from a train to a bus. This is so that it cannot be used for two or more people.
  • Download a New York City subway app or keep a PDF on your phone.
  • Many stations have different entrances depending on the destination. It usually shows Downtown or Uptown, so you know if you should move north or south.
  • Don’t get confused between express trains (few stops) and local trains (all stops). On the map, express train stops are marked with a white circle, while local stops are shown with a black circle.

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