U.S. entry documents

U.S. entry documents

Before the long-awaited trip, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents that will ensure your entry into the United States. and in New York. In this guide we will explain in detail everything you are going need. 1. The first document needed to enter the U.S is a passport. The passport is issued by the your country’s police. Bellow is an example of one:

3. Next you will need a document named ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). You can apply for one by visiting the following page https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta or you could contact a travel agent.

When you arrive in the US be patient. After you get off your plane before you are allowed entry into the USA everyone has to go through customs control, which can last from minutes to hours depending on the airport traffic that day. We arrived at around 10 pm and had to wait 2 hours in line. When our turn came we went through a sort check by a customs officer who asked us how many days we were staying, the purpose of our travel, if we were going onto another city and if we had ever been arrested. After answering all his questions we were finally free to begin our journey.


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