Exchange for New York

Exchange for New York

In general, all VISA or Mastercard cards are accepted in most places in New York (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.).

But you will always need to have some cash with you. Prefer to do the exchange in your country rather than U.S., since the fees there are higher.

Do not forget to inform your bank about the dates of the trip so that your card transactions are not blocked. However if you need to withdraw money, there are ATMs throughout the city.

Also prefer a service like Revolut to avoid extra charges from your bank. With Revolut, you can make transactions using your mobile phone (if it supports the NFC function) or order a physical card through the service’s App. We ordered it, it came to us, we tested it and it worked everywhere, except for the metro card machine. There for some reason it didn’t accept any debit cards, only credit and cash.

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