Trip to New York – Day 11

Waking up today we checked out before the scheduled time and left all our luggage at the hotel completely free of charge. We would drop by at 5pm to pick them up.

Last rides and last photos. We went to the Brookfield Place mall which is an extension of The Oculus to have a look at the indoor palm forest. We then walked around Battery Park and gawked at the geese and squirrels that roamed freely (truthfully, we had squirrel overdoses since they were everywhere).

We passed Ground Zero one last time and went up to the Civic Center to look at the government buildings and The Woolworth Building, one of the oldest skyscrapers in New York.

We ate sandwiches from Subway’s ($37) and drank one last milkshake from Shake Shack’s ($18).

Return to the hotel. We grab our bags and head to Fulton Station for the airport. We will take the subway and then the Airtrain for only $25 for the three of us. At 6pm we arrived at JFK where after checking in, we boarded Swiss Airlines flight 9 to Zurich and from there to Athens. Arrival time the next day at 5 pm.

Ending this epic trip to New York and back, it’s like one day ends and a new one begins. With experiences, memories, joys, sorrows, anxiety, agony, all like a tangled mess, I try to put them all in a row. The experiences we lived will “haunt” us for a lifetime.

See you next time, Christmas though.


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