Trip to New York – Day 4

Today the program includes Midtown Manhattan. Breakfast from canteen and first stop Grand Central Station. A real mess. It is not without reason that it has been included in the list of the 10 most popular attractions in the world. The station has 44 platforms, all underground, serving 67 lines. The terminal’s Main Concourse is often used as a meeting place with the iconic clock and imposing ceiling featured prominently in film and television. The huge windows and the big American flag complete the familiar environment, since we have all seen it in some movie or series. Grand Central Terminal also has a huge variety of shops, upscale restaurants, bars and two concourses with shops selling food. Also noteworthy is the Tiffany’s clock located in one of the entrances. It really is the ultimate photo spot.

We then walked to the area where the United Nations building is located. There look for the Tudor City Bridge. It’s a bridge that on one side offers a sweeping view of 42nd with the Chrysler Building and One Vanderbilt in the same frame, and on the other side the United Nations building and the entire area.

Next stop Rockefeller Center. The impressive complex of 19 buildings, with the 30 Rockefeller Plaza building standing out as it is home to the Top of the Rock observatory. We admired the square where the Christmas tree dominates every year, walked along 5th Avenue with its shops and Radio City Hall. We were speechless at the size and grandeur of St Patrick’s Church. I could talk for hours about Rockefeller Center but I don’t have time. The Empire State Building (sightseeing pass) and the 86th floor await us.

The whole experience at ESB is hard to describe in a few lines. From touring the building and exhibitions to going up to the 86th floor with a breathtaking view. There you really feel like you are in heaven. The view is indescribable just like in the thousands of photos we have seen and also in the movies. An experience not to be missed if you ever come here.

Exiting the building and a few blocks down Black Tap was waiting for us. The famous restaurant with giant milkshakes. We deposited the $71 for 3 courses and a milkshake and left for the next experience, the Friends Experience ($49).

An exhibition dedicated to Friends geeks and not only. Within two floors they have recreated Monica and Joey’s houses, Phoebe’s taxi, the chapel in Las Vegas and of course Central Perk. All of this amidst showcases of items from the famous line, costumes and more. Examples include the armadillo, the dog sculpture on wheels, Monica with the turkey on her head, and Joey’s multi-layered suit to hang clothes on the plane. At the end of the exhibition you could take a coffee or a chocolate and enjoy them on the virtual orange sofa.

After this visit, back to the hotel (first and last time we went to the hotel before the evening) to freshen up for the night out at the theater. Phantom of the Opera. We barely caught it since from February 2023 it will stop after 34 years. Majestic Theater imposing with its 1600 seats. We had booked tickets since March for $30 each but in the last row. We saw the play just fine and from there, since the way the stage was set up, we had no problems. The performance is impressive and the theater is suffocatingly full. A show on Broadway in New York is a must on any visit.

After the end of the show walk in the evening Times Square. What can anyone say? The infinite world, the giant illuminated signs, the shops, the wandering showmen. Literally the heart of New York and perhaps the world, as many say. We didn’t sit long since it was very stressful and the fatigue had already made its appearance. Something quick to eat and return to the hotel.


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