Bridges in New York

The bridges in New York were and are an integral part of the citizens’ daily life. New York City has 66 bridges and 24 tunnels that connect Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island by air and underground either with each other or within the boroughs.

Brooklyn Bridge

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This neo-Gothic beauty is one of the oldest bridges in the United States and is considered the queen of all New York bridges. A hybrid cable-stayed and suspension bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge connects the financial district in Manhattan and Northeast Brooklyn, over the East River. It was the first steel wire suspension bridge ever built and today serves approximately 105,679 cars per day, pedestrians and bicycles.

Manhattan Bridge

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The Manhattan Bridge Suspension Bridge, which runs almost parallel to the Brooklyn Bridge, spans the East River, connecting Lower Manhattan with downtown Brooklyn. There’s even a neighborhood named after the bridge: Dumbo, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This quaint neighborhood filled with cobblestone streets and small businesses has grown in popularity over the past two decades.

Queensboro Bridge

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The Queensboro Bridge is a two-story, impressive New York City landmark that spans the East River, connecting Long Island City to Midtown East and passing over Roosevelt Island. Both pedestrians and bicyclists are allowed on the Queensboro Bridge. However, both paths are closer to traffic than other New York City bridges, such as the Williamsburg Bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge

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The Williamsburg Bridge connects the Lower East Side to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Williamsburg Bridge carries 140,000 motorists daily across its span. It runs parallel to, but further north than, the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. The Williamsburg Bridge has a pedestrian and bicycle path that starts in Manhattan and ends in Brooklyn.



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