New York Photo Spots

Brooklyn Bridge & Dumbo

Γέφυρες στη Νέα Υόρκη

Dumbo: Under the Manhattan Bridge. Washington St & Water St Brooklyn Bridge Park: Along its entire length. Jane’s Carousel. Old Pier 1 (it’s after the Brooklyn Bridge) and a great place for night photos. Elevated View Point (very close to Old Pier 1).

Paley Park

A pocket park nestled among the behemoths and in the background has an impressive waterfall.

3 E 53rd St

Central Park

Almost everywhere. Bethesda Terrace, John Lenon Memorial, statues, bridges, arches, lakes and of course the Central Park Zoo.

Tudor City Bridge

Opposite the UN building. Look for the stairs at 42 St. On one side the UN building and on the other 42nd st, as far as the eye can see

Staple Street Skybridge

An impressive bridge connects two apartments in two different buildings. One of the most expensive properties in the area.
9 Jay St

Pier 17

Throughout its length, with the main point being the back where the bridges can be seen. Perfect for evening photos.


Classic photos are now those on the steps of the MET as well as its fountains, left and right.
1000 5th Ave


Take a picture of the famous building, find the bronze clock and put it in the same frame as the building. Through the park look for the Empire State Building

Charging Bull – Fearless Girl

Look for the bull on the Bowling Green and the Fearless Girl right across from the Stock Exchange

Grand Central Terminal

Photo opportunities are provided by the main hall, the clock, the ceiling and of course the Tiffany’s clock outside the station on 42nd Street.

Ghostbusters HQ

Famous location from the classic movie Ghostbusters
14 N Moore St

Friends Appartment

The exterior of Rachel and Monica’s house from the series Friends. You will recognize it from the world.
90 Bedford St

Audrey Hepburn Mural

An amazing mural of the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn in Little Italy.
176 Mulberry St


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