Parks in New York

Parks in New York are small or large oases of breath and coolness, where New Yorkers rest and have fun, and more. In our guide below you will find information about the most important and beautiful parks that you can visit during your visit to New York.

Central Park

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Central Park has it all: 843 acres, nearly 40 million visitors a year, twenty-nine sculptures, more than 25,000 trees. The massive National Historic Landmark is located in midtown Manhattan and is home to everything from ice rinks to swimming pools and from events like the New York City Marathon to outdoor concerts at SummerStage. You could spend days in the park without seeing everything. It is open all year round with activities for every season. For example, we mention the Belvedere Castle and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You really should spend some time in this urban oasis.

High Line Park

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The 1.45-mile park, which first opened in 2009, was created entirely on an abandoned elevated train line above the once-industrial neighborhoods of Manhattan’s West Side (Meatpacking, Chelsea, Hudson Yards). Today millions of visitors admire the dazzling views of the Hudson River, the downtown New York skyline and many other iconic New York landmarks. Artists, flocking to Chelsea’s galleries, found a place to display their work around and overlooking the park.

Bryant Park

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Bryant Park is, without a doubt, the beating cultural heart of Midtown Manhattan. A respite surrounded by office buildings, steps from Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library, Bryant Park is a meeting place for New Yorkers, and more, at any time of the day. Each year the park hosts more than 1,000 activities. From ice skating in the Winter Village during the colder months, to free summer movies on the lawn, endless entertainment, shows and plenty of outdoor dining, Bryant Park is one of New Yorkers’ most treasured spaces in the city.

Little Island Park

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Little Island is a new public park, located within the Hudson River Park. All New Yorkers and visitors can experience nature and art in a unique urban oasis, literally on the Hudson River. The park features a lush, seasonal landscape of captivating hills, winding paths and dazzling views combined with programs that include music, dance, theatre, poetry, comedy and art workshops for all ages.

Washington Square Park

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For decades, this nearly 10-acre park in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village has been a center of counterculture and creativity. Marked by the iconic white arch, honoring George Washington, Washington Square Park is steeped in New York City history. In the late 18th century, the Washington Square Park area was a burial ground for paupers, criminals and victims of disease. As it was transformed into a park, it became a center for the Beatnik movement and, later, the hippies. Today, it remains just as important culturally and is the central meeting point for New York University students. Don’t forget to check out the corner of the park that remains a battleground for die-hard chess fans.

Tompkins Square Park

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Back in the 1970s and 1980s, and even into the 1990s, New York’s reputation was very different. It was not a safe city and there were neighborhoods that were leading the way in terms of crime. Alphabet City and the East Village were two of those neighborhoods, separated by Tompkins Square Park. But over time these neighborhoods attracted artists, who eventually transformed them into two of the most sought-after areas in the entire city. Beautiful homes, historic restored residences, cafes, restaurants and vintage boutiques are the fabric of the community today, all centered around this 40-acre park. Pack a picnic or just pick a bench and spend your afternoon enjoying what used to be a true New York No Man’s Land.

Hudson River Park

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From the southernmost tip of Manhattan to downtown stretches this impressive waterfront park and boardwalk. Hudson River Park spans 550 acres, with more than 450 on the water. The boathouses provide spots from which guests can go kayaking, sailing or rowing. On land, the park offers miniature golf, carousels, historical walking tours, dog parks and more. Bring a blanket and spread it out on one of the public lawns or try your acrobatic skills. Yes, there is an aerobatics school overlooking the river. The park is also dotted with fast food places and restaurants, so you won’t have to leave the park for a whole day.

Battery Park

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Battery Park, also called The Battery, is another large park in Manhattan, New York that you must visit. If you’re wondering where The Battery got its name, that’s a good question! The park was originally the location of several artillery units (batteries), which protected the growing settlement in the 17th century. Later, this military fort became Castle Clinton, which housed immigrants before Ellis Island. Today, you can see the remains of Clinton Castle, as well as a national monument commemorating the site. Other major landmarks in Battery Park include the Monument Walk, Hope Garden, SeaGlass Carousel, and Bosque Fountain. Additionally, The Battery overlooks New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. In addition to the park, there is a ferry terminal where you can take a ride to Staten Island or take the ferry for a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Union Square Park

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Union Square Park is one of the most famous parks in New York, located at the junction of Broadway, 4th Avenue and 14th Street. It is also a resting and meeting point between many Manhattan neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village, the Flatiron District and the Bowery. One of the things that makes this New York City park stand out is its public art. In addition, the park has two playgrounds, a dog park, and a multi-level plaza that serves as a popular meeting place for protests and political demonstrations. Also, many chess players have migrated from Washington Square Park to Union Square, so it’s not uncommon to see them setting up their games in upturned cardboard boxes. Perhaps the best part of this park is the Union Square Greenmarket, a year-round street market. It’s one of the best places in town to get fresh, local produce, and if you’re hungry, around Union Square you’ll find some of the most impressive restaurants in New York.



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