Experiences in New York

What would a trip to New York be without things to make it unforgettable. In the list below we recommend the ultimate experiences that you must have during your trip to New York.

City Climb στο The Edge

The ultimate life experience at 387 meters. Located atop The Edge observatory, the highest outdoor deck in the Western Hemisphere, City Climb challenges visitors to scale the exterior of a 387-meter skyscraper, then lean down from the skyscraper’s exterior platform for the ultimate view of New York City. Unobstructed on the outer perimeter of the City Climb, at various points during the experience, guests can lean over the open edges with no obstacle other than the wind and enjoy stunning views of New York City.

Helicopter flight

No trip to New York is complete without a helicopter ride over New York. With all that the Big Apple has to offer, it can be difficult to see all the regional rivers, iconic landmarks andιστορικά ορόσημα σε ένα ταξίδι. Ωστόσο, ο ευκολότερος τρόπος για να το πετύχετε είναι να επιβιβαστείτε σε ένα υπερσύγχρονο ελικόπτερο και να απολαύσετε την πτήση.

Visit to an observatory

To date, there are 5 skyscrapers that have observatories and are open to the public. Each of these observatories has features that make it unique. You can choose from One World Observatory, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, The Edge, Summit One Vanderbilt or all of them. Why not; Whatever you choose, the view from above is a must on a visit to New York.

NBA or Baseball

For sports fans and beyond, visiting New York and Manhattan is like watching a game in the magical world of the NBA. Make your reservation at home of the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks and experience the magical atmosphere and the unique show up close. Alternatively, if you are visiting New York in the summer, choosing a baseball game is a one-way street since there are no other sporting activities. And what better than a game at the historic Yankees stadium with the namesake team.

Cruise (day and/or night)

The options for New York City cruises are plentiful. You can tour Manhattan, visit the Statue of Liberty, go sailing, have dinner down
from the enchanting lights of New York or take the free ferry for a ride to Staten Island. In any case, don’t miss the unique experience of enjoying New York from the water.

Broadway show

The answer to whether or not you should see a Broadway show when you visit New York is clear: YES, it absolutely belongs on your bucket list! Choose one of the popular musicals or a classic work. It is certain that this experience will be unforgettable. Wander around the Theater District and marvel at the marquees.

Visit to a museum

New York has tons of museums, art galleries, and galleries where you can explore everything from the beginning of the world, dinosaurs, art history, to an aircraft carrier. The key, however, is to find out which ones are worth visiting during your stay in New York. The MET, MoMA, Natural History Museum, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, are some of our suggestions.

Friends Experience

Are you a fan of the famous series Friends? If so, we suggest you visit the two-story building to enter the world of FRIENDS. Take photos on Central’s iconic orange couch Perk, in Phoebe’s taxi, and of course in Joey’s soccer ball. Explore the sets, costumes and sit in the living room where Rachel, Monica and the rest of the friends were sitting.

The Beast Speedboat

Hold on to your hats and get ready for the ride of your life with The Beast Speedboat! Fast, loud and funny, Beast offers amazing views and exciting music along with many cool surprises. This crazy one cruise lasts 30 minutes and offers high-speed fun on the Hudson River! This experience begins the
Spring and stops late Autumn.

Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is one of the best spring and summer activities in New York. Just an hour outside of Manhattan and in the Brooklyn area, you’ll feel like you’re in another world. Enjoy your walk on the wooden pier, have fun at the Amusement Park, visit the New York Aquarium and taste the famous Hot Dog at Nathan’s.



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